2020 Hike #28 on June 26th at the TREC Trail in Effingham Illinois

52 Hike Challenge

General Info

In 2005, TREC partnered with the Effingham County Board to complete a master plan for a recreation trail system in Effingham County, which was funded through a $20,000 grant awarded by the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.

After information was collected and a study was conducted, a plan was created to develop a trails program that would include 30 miles of free access bicycling and walking trails in the county, which would in turn link smaller communities in the county together by an alternative route of travel geared toward bikers and hikers.

Since the time of the initial study in 2005, TREC has completed the first phase of its project, which opened nearly three miles of recreational trails for public use from U.S. 40 to West Evergreen Avenue and from that portion of the trail to Nazarene Church Road. TREC continues to support the construction of additional trails to extend the first phase of the project. (Information from: http://trectrails.com/our-story/history) Click here for a map of the trail. 

My visit

It had been awhile since I had done a "County Roadtrip". The TREC Trail is part of my Effingham County, Illinois Roadtrip. Tracy joined me for this hike. It is hike #28 of 2020. It is a paved trail, so I guess you could say it is a bit of a stretch to call it a hike. I'm not really too particular about those details. If it is a path that we can walk on and get exercise, then it counts! 

The weather was warm and humid. It was also a full sun day. That makes for ugly pictures (in my opinion). I know now that I am not crazy about urban trail systems. I guess it is the country girl in me, but I really prefer dirt trails out away from the sounds of traffic.

This trail goes over top of I-70. This was the highlight of the trail for me. I've never walked over top of an interstate. It was interesting (to say the least)! Of course, we took a selfie! Scroll down to see the pics from our hike!

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2020 Hike #28 Photo Slideshow (Set to "Mission Impossible" by Sly & Robbie)

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