2020 Hike #10 on April 1st at Prairie Creek Park in Vigo County Indiana

52 Hike Challenge

General Info

Prairie Creek Park is a park managed by Vigo County Indiana. It is located at 3230 W. French Drive in Prairie Creek Indiana. 

Prairie Creek Park is best known for its Sugar Camp. In late January through early March, maple trees are tapped within the park. The sap is collected and routed using plastic tubing and pump systems to a holding tank located next to the Sugar Cabin. The Sugar Cabin is an authentic log cabin outfitted with evaporating equipment to produce maple syrup.

On its south border, Prairie Creek Park adjoins a 13.4 acre lake. At the front of the park is a small 1.8 acre pond. Channel catfish, large mouth bass, redear sunfish, bluegill, and black crappie can be found in these bodies of water.

Within the park proper, one long, moderate, continuous trail winds in and about the grounds with numerous access points. To find out more information on Facebook, click here

My Visit

This is my second hike this year at Prairie Creek Park. During my first visit, I was unable to walk the trails due to the maple syrup collection that was going on. The plastic tubing that collects the syrup and routes it to the Sugar Cabin is disconnected for the year now. If you are a wildflower lover, this is a great park to visit in early spring. The wildflowers were everywhere! Scroll down to see the pics and a video from this hike. Click here to see all of the pics that I have taken at Prairie Creek Park!    

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2020 Hike #10 Photo Slideshow

The Lake

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