2020 Hike #18 on May 10th at Dilcher-Turner Canyon Forest in Greene County Indiana

52 Hike Challenge

General Info

Canyon Forest Nature Preserve (formerly Dilcher-Turner Canyon Forest) is located on County Rd 550 N, Solsberry, IN 47459. This property is owned and managed by Sycamore Land Trust.

The preserve was donated by David and Kathy Dilcher and Rudi Turner. This Greene County property served as their playground and retreat for more than 40 years, and they wanted to preserve their land’s pristine ravines as a natural area for people to enjoy. Rudi, a retired Indiana University biology researcher who passed away in 2018, had a strong interest in orchids, which are found in the property. So are walking ferns and the uncommon Lycopodium (club moss).

David, a retired Indiana University biology professor, says the land is “especially interesting because some of the plants that live there are found in the fossil record in Europe but don’t live in Europe now, like sassafras.” David used to make herbarium specimens by collecting flowers, leaves, or fruits from trees at different times of year.

Restoration of the property began with the donors soon after they bought the land. At that time the ridgetop in the southeast portion of the property was a field with erosion problems, and they planted hundreds of pine trees to stabilize and reforest the ground. Sycamore has continued by controlling invasive bushes in this this area, including autumn olive, Asian bush honeysuckle, and multiflora rose. The forest downslope from the ridge and in the ravines has been undisturbed for a long time and is particularly high quality. This information was obtained from www.sycamorelandtrust.org. Click here to find out more!

My visit

My original plan was to visit the Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, but it was closed due to CoVid-19. I will be going there as soon as it opens back up! The Dilcher-Turner Canyon Forest is just a few miles away. There is only a 2 car parking lot, and no one was there when we arrived. The iPhone logged our hike at 2 miles.

The forest is beautiful this time of year. The trees were such a pretty color of green. This forest if full of ferns! Ferns are one of my favorite plants, so of course, I took a ton of pictures of them.

The hike was fairly easy. There were a few places where you had to cross small streams. There was a small waterfall. Tracy climbed down the hillside to get closer pics and a couple of videos of the waterfall. Scroll down to see the pics and videos we captured during our hike.

The wind picked up during our visit, which was a bit scary. The woods is not the best place to be during a windy day! It also rained on us for a few minutes. Thankfully, the leaves provided a canopy, and we didn't get soaked. Click here to see the Canyon Forest Nature Preserve photo gallery.

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2020 Hike #18 Photo Slideshow

Small Waterfall (side view)

Small Waterfall (front view)


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