2020 Hike #23 on May 25th at Dobbs Memorial Park in Terre Haute Indiana

52 Hike Challenge

General Info

Dobbs Memorial Park is operated by the city of Terre Haute, Indiana. It is located at 5150 E Poplar Dr, Terre Haute, IN 47803.

Located on the east side of Terre Haute, Indiana, Dobbs Park is a unique city park which includes a Nature Center, a Native American Museum with an heirloom garden, a 3 acre pond, a restored prairie, a butterfly garden (under construction), and three miles of trails which take you past a restored wetlands, through pine woods, old growth and second growth forest, and a 25 acre State Nature Preserve. Click here for a map of the park.

My visit

Memorial Day is usually always a good day to get out and hike. We went in the morning due to the hot weather and the chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. We weren't expecting the trails to be quite as muddy as they were. I'm guessing that Terre Haute has had more rain than Shelburn! We decided to go ahead and hike in the mud. My iphone logged our hike at 2.4 miles. I captured a pic of my shoes towards the end of the hike. Check it out below!

If you are interested in hiking here, I would encourage you to take the map with you. The trails are scattered throughout the woods and it is hard to follow just one trail. The wetlands is probably the most interesting part of the hike. There is a large section of the trail that takes you along people's back yards. I would suggest waiting until it quits raining! Scroll down to see my pics from our hike! If you are interested in seeing all of my pics taken at Dobbs Memorial Park, click here.

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2020 Hike #23 Photo Slideshow

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