2020 Hike #27 on June 20th at McCormick’s Creek State Park in Spencer Indiana (Trail 4)

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General Info

McCormick's Creek State Park is an Indiana State Park. It is located at 250 McCormick's Creek Park Road in Spencer Indiana.

Explore the spectacular limestone canyon, flowing creek, and scenic waterfalls that highlight Indiana’s first state park. Hike trails featuring diverse forest trees, spicebush, and native wildflowers, including a trail through Wolf Cave Nature Preserve and an accessible trail at the recently renovated nature center. Experience history as you climb the fire tower, use shelter houses or cross the stone arch bridge created by the Civilian Conservation Corps, or examine the historic Statehouse Quarry near White River, which furnished limestone used for the Indianapolis Statehouse. Relax in the lobby of Canyon Inn, open to all park visitors, or watch birds from the dining room porch. Catch cultural events such as concerts in the park amphitheater or attend the several special events hosted annually at the park. McCormick’s Creek State Park offers active enjoyment through all seasons of the year. Click here for the property map.


1. MODERATE (0.5 miles)—Trail 1 is a loop trail that begins between family cabins 6 and 14, loops through large native timber in McCormick’s Cove Nature Preserve and ends at the entrance to the Family Cabin Area.

2. MODERATE (1.0 mile)—Trail 2 begins behind the CCC Recreation Hall, ventures into McCormick’s Cove Nature Preserve and ends between family cabins 11 and 12. Trail 2 also offers access to the Quarry Loop Trail for observation of the Old State House Quarry.

3. RUGGED (0.8 mile)—Trail 3 is a loop trail that begins across from Canyon Inn and offers access to the falls and canyon before ending at Stoney restroom. There are no bridges crossing the creek. Fluctuating creek levels may make areas of the trail seasonably inaccessible.

4. MODERATE (1.4 miles)—Trail 4 begins behind the Canyon Inn pool and travels toward the Recreation Field, McCormick’s Cove Nature Preserve and the CCC fire tower. Trail 4 ends on the road near Canyon Inn.

5. MODERATE (2.0 miles)—Trail 5 is a loop trail that begins at the Wolf Cave Parking Area, enters Wolf Cave Nature Preserve, loops through a Beech Maple forest, crosses Litten Branch, and offers access to Wolf Cave before ending near the Wolf Cave parking lot.

6. EASY (0.6 mile)—Trail 6 begins beside Beech Grove Shelter, travels through dense forest and ends in the Class A campground between campsites 19 and 20.

7. MODERATE (1.8 miles)—Trail 7 is a loop trail that begins across from the Wolf Cave parking lot, and travels along the canyon rim before descending toward the White River. Along the way hikers encounter a boardwalk. Fishing is permitted on the river.

8. ACCESSIBLE (0.7 mile)—Trail 8 is a paved trail that begins in the campground, between campsites 14 and 15, and proceeds through woodlands and the Pine Bluff picnic area, ending at the pool and concession stand.

9. EASY (1.2 miles)—Trail 9 loop trail begins in the Deer Run parking area and loops through hardwood forest, old farm fields and crosses the bridle trail twice before ending in the Deer Run area.

10. MODERATE (0.7 mile)—Trail 10 begins across McCormick’s Creek, from the Old State House Quarry, and proceeds upstream to the Trail 3 stairway that leads out of the canyon.

My visit

This is my third visit to McCormick's Creek State Park this year. I was really glad I was able to do a hike on the first day of summer! It is also Father's Day weekend, so we did an early morning hike to avoid the crowds. This was Tracy's first trip to this park in 2020.

We have never been on Trail 4. The Fire Tower is along this trail, but unfortunately, the Corona has closed the tower. We went around the barricades to take a selfie. I doubt that I would have made it to the top with my extreme fear of heights, but I was planning on trying! This trail takes you down into a ravine, and there is a few places where you have to cross a small stream. I would say this is why the trail is rated "moderate". The iPhone logged our hike at 1.7 miles. 

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2020 Hike #27 Photo Slideshow

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