2020 Hike #32 on July 24th at Brown County State Park in Nashville Indiana (Trail 6)

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General Info

Brown County State Park is an Indiana State Park. It is located at 1405 State Road 46W in Nashville, Indiana 47448.

Nicknamed the “Little Smokies” because of the area’s resemblance to the Great Smoky Mountains, Brown County encompasses nearly 16,000 acres of rugged hills, ridges and fog-shrouded ravines. Glaciers from the most recent ice ages stopped short of the “hills o’ Brown,” but their meltwaters helped create the narrow ridges, steep slopes and deep gullies of Brown County State Park. Indiana’s largest park is a traditional fall color hot spot, with nearly 20 miles of tree-lined roads and many scenic vistas overlooking miles of uninterrupted forestland.

The Trails:

1. LODGE TRAIL, Moderate, (.9 mile)—Joins with Trail 2 for a short distance to return near lodge. Walk through land wooded with oak, hickory, sassafras, beech and maple.

2. CCC TRAIL, moderate, (2 miles)—CCC-built trail with impressive stone bridges, stairways and retaining walls. Starts and ends behind the lodge. Passes near Lower Shelter and North Lookout Tower.

3. SADDLE BARN LOOP TRAIL, Moderate, (1.25 miles)—Traverses a variety of topography. Passes saddle barn and amphitheater and returns to lodge. Varieties of ferns can be seen in the ravines and on the slopes.

4. RALLY CAMPGROUND TRAIL, Moderate, (1.25 miles)—Starts near the front of the Rally Campground and leads through upland terrain to a deep ravine at the headwaters of Ogle Lake. Joins Trail 7 for a short distance. Meets with Trail 5 at Ogle Hollow Nature Preserve.

5. OGLE HOLLOW NATURE PRESERVE TRAIL, Rugged, (.75 mile)—Self-guided trail starts near the parking lot for Rally Campground and follows a slope wooded with yellowwood trees, loops through the nature preserve and intersects with Trail 4 from Ogle Lake.

6. STRAHL LAKE TRAIL, Easy/Rugged, (.75 mile)—Easy walk around Strahl Lake but challenging .5 mile-spur to the Nature Center.

7. OGLE LAKE TRAIL, Moderate, (1.5 miles)—A hilly, wooded hike along the shores of Ogle Lake.

8. HHC TRAIL, Moderate, (3.5 miles)—Extends east from west lookout, continues to near Hesitation Point, and then southwest to parking area at Ogle Lake and Trail 7. Trail was improved by volunteers from the Hoosier Hikers Council 2002-2007.

9. TAYLOR RIDGE TRAIL, Rugged, (3.0/2.75 miles)—Starts near site 324 in campground. No parking at trailhead. Travels ridge top beyond campground, dropping into adjacent valley to follow stream before looping back to ridge top. A 2.75-mile extension connects to Trail 7 near Ogle Lake.

10. FIRE TOWER TRAIL, Rugged, (2.2 miles)—Follows ridge behind fire tower before looping northward crossing deep ravines and hilltops. Passes CCC shelter.

FRIENDS TRAIL, Easy—Short, easy, paved trail, with benches and vista on flat terrain. Constructed by the Friends of Brown County State Park.

DISCOVERY TRAIL, Moderate, (.5 mile)—Self-guided nature trail. Brochure available at the trailhead at the south end of the Nature Center parking lot.

My visit

Sadie and I traveled nearly 2 hours to visit Brown County State Park for Hike #32 of 2020. I have visited this park in the past, but this was Sadie's first time. We chose Trail #6 for our hike. I hiked on Trail #7 last fall. 

My iPhone logged our hike at 1 mile. Trail #6 is listed as "Easy", and I would have to agree. We did not go to the Nature Center from the trail. We did stop by the Nature Center in the car though. The Wildflowers at the Nature Center were beautiful. 

This park is huge, and we drove through it all while where were there. We will have to come back again and hike another trail. It is a beautiful park, especially in the fall! Scroll down to see my pics from this hike. Click here to see the Brown County State Park photo gallery!

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2020 Hike #32 Photo Slideshow (Set to "(Feels Like) Heaven" by Fiction Factory)

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