2020 Hike #34 on August 7th at Shakamak State Park in Jasonville Indiana "Shrooms @ Shak"

52 Hike Challenge

General Info

Shakamak State Park is an Indiana State Park. It is located at 6265 WEST STATE ROAD 48 in JASONVILLE Indiana.

Shakamak's main attraction is its excellent fishing. Shakamak has several outdoor recreational activities such as swimming, hiking, paddle boating, row boating, camping, fishing. It is one of my favorite places to hike. There are 7 hiking trails. Click here for a map of the park. 


1. MODERATE (3.95 miles)—Begins and ends near the pool area and follows the shoreline of Lake Shakamak. This is an interesting trail on which to see waterfowl and shorebirds.

2. MODERATE (1.50 miles)—Joins with Trail 1 east of the pool parking lot and proceeds through an oak forest and pine plantings, past an abandoned coal mine and returns to Trail 1, south of the group camp.

3. MODERATE (1.40 miles)—Trail 3 goes through oak woods along the north shore of Lake Lenape, to the camp store (formerly the saddle barn). Native white-tailed deer have been observed on this trail.

4. MODERATE (1.60 miles)—Joins with Trail 3. Goes through oak trees and pines. Bridges and stairs add to the beauty. This trail takes you out to the campground.

5. MODERATE (2.2 Miles)- Hike along the scenic shore and Dam of Lake Kickapoo. Take in the beautiful aquatic view of Lake Kickapoo while bird watching for waterfowl and shorebirds.

6. EASY MULTI-USE (1.08 miles)– This multi-use trail can be used for hiking or biking. There are no bridges or stair structures. The trail winds through an oak and pine forest.

7. EASY MULTI-USE (1.60 miles) – This multi-use trail can be used for hiking or biking. There are no bridges or stair structures. The trail winds through an oak and pine forest, and white-tailed deer have been observed on the trail.

My visit

Hike #34 is titled "Shrooms @ Shak" because all of the rain has brought the mushrooms out! Yeah! One of my favorite things to do at Shakamak is to "hunt" mushrooms. No, it's not the same as hunting Morels in the Spring, but it is more interesting (in my opinion).

Dexter accompanied me during my mushroom hunting adventure. We strolled down Trail 1 (and 2) along Shakamak Lake because this is where most of the mushrooms are at. We also went a few other places around the park that I have discovered over the years, but I'll keep those secret! 

Scroll down to see the mushrooms that I photographed during our hike. Click here to see all of the mushrooms that I have captured over the years! Mushrooms are one of my favorite photography subjects, but I get really sore from all of the bending over (I'm getting old)! I also captured a few wildflowers as well!

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2020 Hike #34 Photo Slideshow

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