2020 Hike #50 on October 14th at Pine Hills Nature Preserve within Shades State Park in Montgomery County Indiana

52 Hike Challenge

General Info

Pine Hill Nature Preserve is within Shades State Park located at IN-234, Waveland, IN 47989.

This 470-acre tract is the first dedicated nature preserve in Indiana. It was given to the State of Indiana by The Nature Conservancy in 1961 and dedicated in 1969. Nature Preserves are established for the purpose of protecting and preserving the areas in their natural state. Click here for more information and a map of the preserve.

My visit

This preserve has been on my hiking list for a long time! It is a pretty popular place, and I can see why. Tracy joined me for this Hike #50! 

Let me begin by saying, this hike kicked our butts! The Devil's Backbone portion of this trail is no joke. It didn't help that we went the more difficult direction across the trail. If you are adventurous and don't mind harder hiking trails that require some climbing, then this trail will be okay for you. I wouldn't recommend small children or pets on the Devil's Backbone portion.

There are two creeks in the preserve and the water was low enough that we could walk on the creek beds. I was able to take some pics that wouldn't have been possible when the water is up. Scroll down to see the pics from this visit! Click here to see the photo gallery!

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2020 Hike #50 Photo Slideshow

Clifty Creek

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