2020 Roadtrip to Greene County Indiana on May 10th

My visit

This was our third visit to the Tulip Viaduct. If you're interested in seeing the pics from all our visits, click here. One of Tracy's photos from our 2017 visit was featured in a Tulip Viaduct 2020 calendar. We have yet to see a train travel across the Viaduct! If you haven't visited, it is worth the drive. There is an observation deck, but we prefer to drive down to the bottom of the Viaduct. It is obvious that the "graffiti artists" also prefer to drive down to the bottom. I have seen photos from the top, along the rails, but we are not youngsters, so we will not be climbing the steep hill to get to the top! 

General Info

Located east of Bloomfield and west of Solsberry near the community of Tulip, the 2,307 feet long and 157 feet tall steel-girded railroad trestle is one the longest of this type of bridge in the world still in use today by the Indiana Railroad Company.

The Tulip Trestle, locally known as the Viaduct, but officially identified as “Bridge X75-6”, was built in 1906 stretching from hill to hill across the beautiful Richland Creek Valley making it the most memorable structure in one of the most scenic areas of the county. Construction was directed by Archibald Stuart Baldwin and completed primarily by immigrant Italian laborers hired by the Strobel Construction Company.

The 2700 pound steel frame consists of seventeen 75-ft. deck-plate girder spans alternating with eighteen 40-ft. girder tower spans, as well as two 50-ft. spans at the west end and two 60-ft. and two 45-ft. spans at the east made in Chicago by the American Bridge Company and then shipped via the Monon Railroad. The total cost of the project was $246,504, which today would equal over $20 million.

The GPS coordinates are N 39.04.533, W 86.51.319. Click here to find out more.

My visit

I only took a couple of "roadtrip pics" during our Greene County Roadtrip because I didn't have my camera with me. The iPhone just doesn't take good pics when you're driving down the road! I did want to capture the Yoho General Store in Solsberry since we were in the neighborhood! While we were heading to the Dilcher-Turner Canyon Forest, we seen a barn with "Trump 2020" painted on the roof, so I had to get a pic of it! If you're interested in reading about of Dilcher-Turner Canyon Forest hike, click here.

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