2021 Roadtrip to Azalea Path Arboretum and Botanical Gardens in Hazleton Indiana on May 6th

My visit

Sadie and I have finally recovered from our EPIC 2021 Roadtrip! We took the entire month of April off to recover. Our trip to the Azalea Path Arboretum and Botanical Gardens couldn't wait much longer. The azalea's are only in bloom for a short time. This is a beautiful private park. There are many different varieties of azaleas. If you are a flower-lover (like me), this park is a must see. 

General Info

(from http://www.azaleapatharboretum.org/)

Started in 1979, Beverly Knight took an overgrown forest and magically created a gardener's piece of art. Azalea Path Arboretum and Botanical Gardens is a nonprofit and privately owned facility located on the Gibson/ Pike County border in Southwestern Indiana. What began with 15 acres and only a few azaleas and perennials has flourished into more than 4,000 azaleas plus a large variety of unusual plants and native Indiana trees.

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My 2021 Roadtrip Slideshow


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