2021 Roadtrip to Charlestown State Park in Charlestown Indiana on June 16th

My visit

I began 2021 with the hope of visiting all of the Indiana State Parks. That hope was quickly dashed. I did, however, manage a solo adventure to Charlestown State Park and the Falls of Ohio State Park. During my trip, I stayed in an AirBNB home in Louisville, KY. My introverted self absolutely loved the alone time, but I must admit that walking around in unfamiliar places alone left me riddled with anxiety. Charlestown State Park has a lot of history, but Rose Island was kind of a flop from a photographer point-of-view. It has been reclaimed by nature to the point of which there is very little left to see. While at Charlestown State Park, I walked the steep road down to the Portersville Bridge. I crossed the bridge to check out what remains of Rose Island. On the way out, I hiked up Trail 3 for a change of scenery. Scroll down to see my pics!

General Info

(from https://www.in.gov/dnr/state-parks/parks-lakes/charlestown-state-park/ and https://visitindiana.com/blog/index.php/2019/03/12/rose-island-abandoned-theme-park/)

Once a largely undeveloped portion of the huge (15,000-acre) Indiana Army Ammunition plant, Charlestown State Park is located in southern Indiana. The park is easily accessible, located 8 miles east of I-65, on State Road 62. With scenic vistas of the Fourteenmile Creek valley and the Ohio River, with elevation changes of over 200 feet, Charlestown has much to offer the visitor with its rugged hills and deep ravines. While hiking the rugged terrain you will see Devonian fossil outcrops and areas of karst sinkhole topography. Bird watchers will enjoy the 72 species of birds, including bluebirds, black vultures and an occasional bald eagle.

On the north bank of the Ohio River in Charlestown State Park, the remains of the Rose Island Abandoned Amusement Park serve as a ghostly reminder of outdoor amusements from a century ago. Before Indiana Beach and Holiday World, Hoosiers (and quite a few Kentuckians and Buckeyes) visited the Rose Island property to swim, dance, play golf, and traverse a mini-zoo.

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