2021 Roadtrip to Depauw Nature Park in Greencastle Indiana on November 1st

My visit

Depauw Nature Park is such a unique place! This park is definitely in my top 5 of places to hike in Indiana. There are 10 miles of trails within the park. The highlight of the park is definitely the Rim trail which takes you along the rim of the old quarry. The Quarry trail is also interesting. It takes you down into the old quarry. I would recommend this park to anyone who likes to get outdoors. It is beautiful in the fall.

General Info

(from https://www.depauw.edu/about/campus/naturepark/ and https://www.depauw.edu/files/resources/nature-park-trail-guide---oct-2015.pdf)

Between 1917 and 1977, the Nature Park was the site of a limestone quarry, owned and operated by Hanson Aggregates. Limestone rock in the quarry began forming approximately 350 million years ago from the remains of animals living on the bottom of an inland sea that covered this area. The layers of remains are the basis of the rock layers observed in the quarry walls.

With the quarry dormant for decades, Hanson Aggregates generously donated 280 acres of the land and leased the remaining 178 acres to DePauw University for $1 per year for 99 years. DePauw acquired adjacent property to increase the total size of the Nature Park to 520 acres. DePauw commissioned Mansur Developers in 2002 to design a Master Plan for possible uses of the Nature Park. DePauw completed Phase I of the Master Plan in 2004 and opened the Nature Park to the public in September 2004.

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