2021 Roadtrip to St. Simon Island, Tybee Island, & Cockspur Island Lighthouses in Georgia on March 19th & 20th

My visit

Georgia is home to several historic lighthouses. Sadie and I visited three of these lighthouses during our 2021 EPIC Roadtrip! Since neither one of us have any desire to climb to the top of the lighthouses, you will only see photos from the ground! I might add that there was also some frightening bridges that I had to drive across to get to some of these lighthouses! Even though driving over bridges is scary to me, it still doesn't compare to my fear of heights!

General Info

(from https://www.exploregeorgia.org/things-to-do/article/georgias-lighthouses)

Imagine standing high in the air with a salty breeze whipping through your hair. Spread out below you, the land meets the sea, sand to wave, lapping in rhythmic harmony as seagulls soar near the clouds. Journey along the Georgia coastline and such an experience is possible.

Georgia’s 100 miles of coast is home to several beautiful lighthouses, three of which are open for tours. Located at the tip of the Savannah River, the Tybee Island Lighthouse/Museum was built in 1732 by order of Georgia’s founding father, General James Oglethorpe. Today, the Tybee Island Light Station, which has been rebuilt over the years, remains one of the nation’s most intact lighthouses. Boasting of an active museum, where guests can explore centuries of history, the lighthouse also allows guests to hike the 178 steps to the top.

Travel farther down the coast for a stop at the St. Simons Island Lighthouse Museum. First built in 1810, the original structure was burned by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War, only to be rebuilt with a keeper’s dwellings in 1872. Now under the direction of the Coastal Georgia Historical Society, the property is home to a lighthouse museum inside the former keeper’s dwellings. It also includes the newly constructed A.W. Jones Heritage Center, which houses archives, a research library, rotating public exhibits, an event hall and a museum shop. Guests are more than welcome to climb the active lighthouse’s 129-step staircase to the top.

Check out the Georgia Lighthouse gallery by clicking here!

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