2021 Roadtrip to St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in St. Marks Florida on March 11th

My visit

After leaving Alabama on our EPIC 2021 Roadtrip, Sadie and I headed to a nice AirBNB home in Crawfordville, Florida. We only had two nights here, so we had to hit the road to make the most of our stay. Our first stop was the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. This was just a short drive from the AirBNB home. This area is beautiful. We got a glimpse of the St. Marks River, and I got to add another lighthouse to my gallery! Scroll down to see the pics from our visit!

General Info

(from https://www.fws.gov/refuge/St_Marks )

The refuge was established in 1931 to provide wintering habitat for migratory birds. It is one of the oldest refuges in the National Wildlife Refuge System. It encompasses over 80,000 acres spread out between Wakulla, Jefferson, and Taylor counties, and includes about 43 miles along the Gulf Coast of northwest Florida. It is part of the North Florida Refuges Complex.

The refuge includes coastal marshes, islands, tidal creeks and estuaries of seven north Florida rivers, and is home to a diverse community of plant and animal life. The refuge also has strong ties to a rich cultural past, and is home to the St. Marks Lighthouse, which was built in 1842 (current tower) and is still in use today.

Check out the Florida National Park Service Areas by clicking here!

My 2021 Roadtrip Slideshow

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