2021 Roadtrip to Canyon Forest Nature Preserve in Solsberry Indiana on November 9th

My visit

Tracy and I chose autumn to head back to the Canyon Forest Nature Preserve for a second time. Our first visit was in the Spring of 2020. This preserve is beautiful. I can't decide whether I like it better in the Spring or in the Fall! I enjoyed the spring hike for all of the ferns covering the land. While the ferns were still present in the fall, the trees were definitely the showstoppers! The waterfall which was present during our spring visit, was gone during our fall visit.

General Info

(from https://sycamorelandtrust.org/preserves/canyon-forest-nature-preserve/)

Canyon Forest Nature Preserve has been owned by Sycamore Land Trust since 2013, and was dedicated as an Indiana state nature preserve in May 2020 by the Indiana Natural Resources Commission. This dedication recognizes the preserve as one of the most significant natural areas in our state. Sycamore is still the owner and manager of the preserve.

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My 2021 Roadtrip Slideshow set to "Notion" by Kings of Leon

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