2022 “Wabash Valley” Spring Hike at Hall Woods Nature Preserve in Bainbridge Indiana 4/28/22

My Spring Hike:

After seeing a post on Facebook about the amazing Virginia Bluebells at Hall Woods Nature Preserve, I just had to add this preserve to my list before the Bluebells disappeared. I have been hunting for an area with Bluebells for several years. This nature preserve starts out like a typical Indiana hike, but once you hit the stairs and go down to the Big Walnut Creek area, the hike gets interesting. Plus, the neighborhood Beagle might be around to help guide your way. The hike is only 1 mile long, but it is well worth the drive! Click here to see all of my Indiana Nature Preserve pics!

My 2022 "Wabash Valley" Spring Hike Slideshow

My pics & videos

View of the Big Walnut Creek

Virginia Bluebells along the trail!

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