2022 “Wabash Valley” Spring Hike at Red Hills State Park in Sumner Illinois 5/1/22

My Spring Hike:

Tracy and I visited Red Hills State Park in 2019, but we were unable to find the hiking trails. The Illinois State Park system doesn't have maps online for all of their parks. The only map we could find was inside of a glass-covered information display case. The Illinois State Parks don't have an entry fee, so perhaps this is why they aren't as organized as other states. 

After we found the map, we discovered that there is a main park (which has a lake, campgrounds, and horse/bike trails) and a north park (which has hiking trails). Once we headed across the highway to the north park, we finally found the trails! Click here to see the Red Hills State Park gallery. Scroll down to see the pics from this hike.

My 2022 "Wabash Valley" Spring Hike Slideshow

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