7/18/22 ~ Week 2 Hike 2 at Bradt Natural Area in Milan Indiana

52 Weeks 52 Hike Challenge

My Hike:

My second hike of the challenge "52 weeks 52 hikes" was a few miles from home! Bradt Natural Area has 3 trails. Trail 1 takes you through a grass prairie, Trail 2 takes you through the woods, and Trail 3 takes you around the wetland area. I managed to hike all of Trail 2 and parts of 1 & 3. To be honest, I had food in my auto frig that wasn't being refrigerated while I was hiking, so I had to make it quick (I'll be buying a portable generator)! It was a nice hike though! Scroll down to see my pics! I have started to include whether the pic was taken with my camera or my phone, just for those who might care.

General Info:

(retrieved from: https://www.in.gov/dnr/state-parks/parks-lakes/versailles-state-park/)

Enjoy the scenery of the eastern side of Versailles State Park, known as the Bradt Natural Area. Donated in November 2001, this is where the Bradt family resided and farmed in the 1900s. Although the structures in which they lived no longer exist, those 83 acres now flourish with native flora and fauna. Hike the 3.1 mile long trail through the southwest wooded area. Enjoy watching deer, squirrels, and many species of birds in their natural habitat. Take a stroll and visit the wetland area, which possesses a large body of water with surrounding cattails and aquatic plants. Location: 39°03'44.7"N, 85°12'21.2"W, S. Co. Rd. 300 E., Milan, IN 47031.

My Week 2 Hike 2 at Bradt Natural Area Photo Slideshow

Pics & Videos from the Hike



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