7/19/22 ~ Week 2 Hike 3 at Versailles State Park in Versailles Indiana (Trail 1 & 2)

52 Weeks 52 Hikes Challenge

My Hike:

After I finally got the "Wander Wagon" set up in the campground at Versailles, I hit the trails! Trail 2 encircles the campground area, so I had to get onto Trail 2 from the campground in order to reach Trail 1 and 3. Trail 1 is the most difficult of the hiking trails. I'm going to say (after hiking it) that this is because of the elevation changes. My iPhone claimed that I had climbed 11 floors. The iPhone also logged my hike at 4.3 miles. I was glad to see a bench along the trail! You can see a video of this in the slideshow. I only came across two older female fellow hikers during this hike. My tip for anyone who likes to hike early, use your hiking sticks or just a stick off the ground to "catch" spiderwebs. Otherwise, your face will "catch" them (which sucks BTW)! Scroll down to see my pics and videos from the hike. If you'd like to see all of my Versailles State Park pics, CLICK HERE!             

General Info:

(retrieved from: https://www.in.gov/dnr/state-parks/parks-lakes/versailles-state-park/)

Take a drive through the beautiful rolling hills of southeastern Indiana with Versailles State Park, Indiana’s second-largest state park, as your destination. This area has a deep history rooted in both the Civil War and the Civilian Conservation Corps. Versailles State Park dedicated a CCC commemorative statue in 2010. Numerous fossils tell the story of an ancient sea that covered the region. During the Civil War, Morgan’s Raiders made their way through the area that is now the park. The town of Versailles was briefly under Confederate control. Relax while fishing on the 230-acre lake where you can rent a rowboat, kayak, or canoe. Get a workout and see the beauty of the park by taking a walk on the hiking trails or a ride on the mountain bike trails. Bring your horses for the day to enjoy the more than 20 miles of horse trails. Steps to a scenic overlook at the dam are a prime spot to see herons and other aquatic wildlife. In fall, enjoy the Versailles Pumpkin Show in the town of Versailles the last weekend in September. For Halloween festivities, visit the park the last weekend in October.

Description of Hiking Trails:

1. MODERATE (2.25 miles)—Circles upland woods and ravines along the eastern bluff of Laughery Valley, featuring oak, hickory, maple, beech, tulip poplar, black walnut, and other native trees. Look for limestone sinkholes along the way. Trail can be accessed from below, from the Old Fire Tower Road, or near Oak Grove picnic area. Parents, please watch children at road crossings.

2. MODERATE (2.75 miles)—Makes a figure 8 along the hill of the southern edge of Fallen Timber Creek/ravine. The trail rounds Campground A to near the CCC-constructed Oak Grove shelter, where Trail 1 can be picked up. Encircling Campground A, access can be made near Oak Grove picnic area, behind Trailside shelter, from several points in the campground, and from Fallen Timber bridge at the lake.

3. EASY (1.5 miles)—Begins north of Fallen Timber bridge and goes east along Fallen Timber Creek. Crosses the creek three times before joining Trail 2. Numerous invertebrates inhabit the creek bottom.

My Week 2 Hike 3 at Versailles State Park Photo Slideshow

Pics & Videos from the Hike

Scenic Overlook Reststop!

Stream along Trail 1

Stream along Trail 1

Stream along Trail 1

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