Nurse, Explorer, Visual Storyteller = #wanderingnursewhitlock

My Indiana State University Nursing School graduation photo from 1998!


I am a Registered Nurse who loves to get outside, explore, and take photos of whatever catches my eye... hence the nickname and hashtag, #wanderingnursewhitlock!  I will mainly be exploring Indiana and Illinois with an occasional trip to another state. I am currently on a mission to photograph all of the Courthouses and Covered Bridges in Indiana and Illinois. All the places I visit beginning in 2020 will be added to my blog gallery with stories from each trip. This gives me an excuse to re-visit some of my favorite places.

I am also on a mission to complete 52 hikes a year. Hiking is my favorite form of exercise. I have compiled a long list of hiking locations that I hope to visit. I carry either my iPhone or my Sony camera with me on every hike. The pics I capture during each hike along with location information are posted in my Blog gallery! If you are interested in hiking check back often to see where I’ve been!

Photography is my passion- not my career. I prefer to call myself a “visual storyteller”. Flowers are my favorite photo subjects. I am not a people photographer because people photography is stressful! I am gladly leaving that type of photography to those who find it enjoyable.

If you haven't already done so, please take a few minutes to delve into my photos. I would love for you to bookmark my website and check back often.  I have tried to make my website as user-friendly as possible. If you are interested in a photo, you can hit the buy button to see the options for purchase. All orders are full-filled through SmugMug. I do not receive any money from photo sales. My photography is 100% a hobby. If you have a question, hit the 'Contact Me' link at the top of this page. If you are reading this on your phone, hit the 'Menu' button first. I check my email daily. 

I have a Facebook business account (Photographs by Amy, Wandering Nurse Whitlock), an Instagram account (wandering.nurse.whitlock), and a Pinterest account (Wandering Nurse Whitlock). These accounts get updated with all of my photos. You can also follow my personal Facebook page (Tracy Amy Whitlock) without sending a friends request. I also have my photos on 500px (Amy Whitlock {Wandering Ways}). You should be able to click the highlighted account names to reach the sites. If not, the links to these accounts can be reached by hitting the symbols that are throughout the website. I use the hashtag phrase #wanderingnursewhitlock on all three medias!

The appearance of my website will change several times a year. I get bored with the same look. The frequency of new photos depends mostly on the weather and my work schedule. I can tell you that I have added photos every month since October of 2016! Yes, it is a goal of mine to take at least one photo every month.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me! Also, thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you will return again soon!